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Abhinav Farmers Club

Since 2004

Integrated Organic Farming and Direct Marketing Group

Abhinav Farmers Club is a national award winning group for organic farming initiative located in Mulshi Taluka, of  Pune district of Maharashtra a state in India. 

The Club was started by Mr.Dnyaneshwar Bodke, who is its chief volunteer also.  The club started with 11 farmers in Maharashtra cultivating about 153 hectares of land & set up as on 15 August 2004. It was conceptualised by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and ATMA (Agriculture Technology Management Agency). 

Now, the club has national presence with more than 1,56,000 farmers who follow the practice of organic farming and use only deshi cows’ dung, cow urine & Nimastra to grow the crop. We are certified organic farmers belonging to the states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat , Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana . We have received a national award for its activities in 2008. 

Traditional farming compelled the farmers to wait for the required weather conditions to start farming. But, not fully depend on the open cultivation only, Abhinav Club follow the practices of Greenhouses and Polytunnels too at least on small part of farm area to get assured income in worse and unfavourable climate conditions. Hence all farmer members are able to control the conditions in which the crops grow. That’s the reason why we farmers are able to excel as we don’t have to depend on nature for the right time to begin.

To understand the market and logistics, Club decided to market agricultural products directly to customer instead of relying on the middlemen and follow the practice of door-to-door home delivery all over Maharashtra.

Hence by using online platform and by developing mobile app “ABHINAV CART” for order taking process to serve customer better, Abhinav Farmers club provide home delivery of  organic vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses, A2 milk and dairy products  over 3 lacks household customers all over Maharashtra.

Proper packaging ensures that the products remain fresh and reach their destinations without any damage. We, the farmers are trained in the appropriate methods of sowing, planting, and handling the produce.


Organized farming has helped our farmers in not only clearing debts but also earning handsomely. Every farmer in the group earns around Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000 per day. There are farmers who earn Rs 3,000 to 5,000 a day. Of course, we work by the sweat of our brows. It's a tough day from 7 am to 10 pm and still we have no complaints. We are ready to work harder. All we seek is a fair deal. We are implementing such project spread across India with the farmers groups. So, the life of the farmers is elevated (both financially and health wise) as a result of this project all these farmers are leading happy and satisfied life. 

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Dnyaneshwar Bodke

Head of Abhinav Farmers Club

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